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  • I just wanted to comment on the recent Coronavirus situation that is gripping our country and plaguing the world.

    First, let me say that myself, my family and our staff are thinking of you and your loved ones at this time, hoping this contagion moves through as quickly as possible and hoping everyone stays safe and well.

    Second, I want you to know Schaffer Sound Disc Jockeys is not going anywhere. Our business has experienced numerous challenges over the past 42 years, from 9/11 and several recessions, to severe weather events and immense personal losses, but we have made it through all of them. Let me be clear. We will be here for you. My family will be here for you. My staff will be here for you.

    Yes, these are trying times, for everyone, but we will endure AND we will beat this. Our grandparents lived through the Great Depression, so we will be fine on the other side of this, as they were eventually.

    While our physical "bricks and mortar" office is temporarily closed, be comforted in the fact that we are all still working hard behind the scenes. At your request, we will be in the process of rescheduling many of your events, as we will work with you on the new date. If in any doubt, contact us to ask any questions.

    If you have an event or wedding already booked with us, and have questions or need to reschedule,
    please contact Mr. Chris Romanelli from our office at:


    If you are interested in getting information or possibly contracting our service for an event not already booked with us, please fill out the form below and someone will respond to you shortly:


    If this is an emergency, feel free to contact our emergency beeper at (215) 308-2666.
    Please only use this in case of an emergency.

    Of course, ALWAYS feel free to contact me personally, if any of the above is slow to respond.
    I can be reached at:


    Thank you so much for your incredible patience and amazing spirit.
    We WILL get through this. We really are all in this together, and we will get through it together, too.

    Love and prayers,

    Jon Schaffer
    Schaffer Sound DJ's and Lighting