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"Schaffer has been performing at all our events for years and I couldn't be happier with their service!" - John Brazer, Promotions Director, Philadelphia Phillies 

DJ Services

Schaffer Sound Productions employs over 60 of the area's most talented and professional DJs.  Whether your establishment is a small bar, pub or restaurant with a more intimate setting, we are confident that we will have several DJs who can fulfull all of your specific needs.  Our DJ's are equipped to play music for all ages, styles and themes, ranging from oldies nights, 1970s disco, 1980s dance, alternative, modern rock, techno/house/club, Latin, top 40 etc.  We also have a 24-hour paging network with DJs on call in case of emergencies.


Schaffer provide Karaoke to over 10 bar, club and private customers per week.  Our Karaoke DJs will interact with your patrons to make them feel like stars, which in turn will keep them coming back week after week.  The great thing about Karaoke is that it can earn you additional business during off nights.  Currently, Sundays through Wednesdays are the most popular nights.  In addition, people like to imbibe more to loosen up before singing.  Loyal patrons, off nights and more drinking add up to higher profits for you.


Quizzo is an interactive trivia game that can be played by teams or individuals.  Schaffer currently provides Quizzo to over 10 bar and club customers per week.  Like Karaoke, Quizzo is interactive, keeps loyal patrons coming back week after week and can earn you additional revenues during off nights.  Our Quizzo DJs will interact with your patrons by challenging them with various forms of trivia questions.  The average shift runs about 4 hours with 1 hour of recruiting teams and preparation, 2 hours of trivia rounds with DJ music in between, and 1 hour of DJ music after to try and keep your patrons hanging around spending more money.


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